Better Meetings in 3 Simple Steps


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The Approach

Most meetings are intuitive meetings. All we have to do, we think, is call a meeting to “discuss” a particular problem, have attendees collectively place their attention it, and let our intuitions take over. Unfortunately, that leads to disorder, as different attendees begin the meeting on different problem solving stages. Then as the meeting progresses, things only get more chaotic as attendees switch problem solving stages, without notifying others, and without themselves even realizing it. As a result, intuitive meetings feel like disjointed, circular free-for-alls. 

Methodical meetings are a better kind of meeting. Unlike intuitive meetings, methodical meetngs concentrate on just one problem solving stage at a time. When the explicit goal of the meeting is to work through just that one stage, something magical happens: members find themselves wonderfully in sync, all rowing in the same direction, far more likely to make progress.

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This site was created by meetings expert, Al Pittampalli. A little more about Al: 

  • His first book, Read This Before Our Next Meeting: The Modern Meeting Standard for Successful Organizations (Penguin), now out in over 100K copies, was the most popular kindle book in the world during the week of its release. It’s been translated into five different languages.  
  • Al has helped organizations like NASA, Biogen, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Abbott Labs, transform their meeting cultures.  
  • Al is a writer for Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today.  
  • He has been featured in Forbes, NPR, CBS, The World Economic Forum and more.  

Better Meetings In Three Simple Steps.

Step 1: Pick a worksheet below

Step 2: Bring it to the meeting

Step 3: Fill it out with your attendees

(That's it, folks.)

Define the Problem

If it feels like there's some problem (or opportunity) that needs to be addressed, but you don't have a great handle on what it is yet, this worksheet is for you.


Generate Solutions

If you already have a good handle on what the problem is, and you want to start devising solutions, this worksheet is for you. 

Evaluate Solutions

If you already know what the problem is, and you know what the potential solutions are, then this worksheet will help you evaluate those solutions. 

Pick a Solution

If you already know what the problem is, and you know what the potential solutions are, then this worksheet will help you pick the best solution.

Make a Plan

There's something that needs to get done that is going to take multiple steps (and perhaps multiple people). This worksheet will help you develop a plan.  

Check Your Progress

There's a goal you or your teammates is pursuing and you want to know if they're on track or not, so that course corrections can be made. This worksheet is for you.

Gain Understanding

There's something important that you need to share with your team, or vice versa, and you want to make sure there are no miscommunications. 

Get A Commitment

You have a request to make of your teammates or vice versa, and you want to know if they'll accept that request. This worksheet is for you.

Get Feedback

There's something (or someone) that needs to be evaluated so that we can improve it. 

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But before you get on your high horse, understand something: The reason why that question so often goes unanswered is that it's a difficult question. An often exceedingly difficult question.  

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